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About Us

Welcome to the homepage of OMETRYS Ltd,

thank you very much for your interest in our company and activities.

Success of Ometrys Ltd is based on the expertise of our colleagues in electronics and mechanics, their rich experience in a lot of measuring application and their creativity.

Professional expertise of Ometrys: manufacturing of test benches. Our strength lies in system integration focused on individual measurement solutions and application specified measuring, visualising, controlling and data acquisition software. Our solutions are applied mainly in test benches, quality control equipments, material testing machines and measurement modernizing of old test facilities.

We produce also analog electronics for strain gage and potentiometric sensors for our endusers and international distributors. Our high quality electronics are produced in small series. Our product range is continuously up-to-dated.

We have a lot of experience in measuring force, torque, weight, pressure, displacement, strain, rotational and linear speed and angle position. Acceleration and temperature measuring belong also to our field of competence. Our weighing technology is based on the official dealership of the high innovative company called Laumas.

If your budget is limited but you don’t want to waive any clever, application specified and cost-effective measuring system or test bench, please contact us. We are very happy to assist you with our knowledge and provide information about possibilities.



Managing Director

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